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Frequently asked questions

What is Playa Romana Club?

Playa Romana Club is a company in charge of Timeshare flats, and is responsible of the administration and maintenance of the resorts belonging to the holiday club.

What are the benefits of Playa Romana Club membership?

- Spaceful flats designed for families with kitchen

- Restoration and entertainment available in the resort

- You can use exchange centrals such as RCI to travel around the world.

What are my obligations as a member ?

You have to leave the flat in the same conditions as you found it on arrival and you have to make the payment of all the fees and other expenses approved at the assembly.

Which are the payment methods I can use to pay my fees?

You can make the payments by the method you prefer.

How can I know which week is mine?

Your contract specifies the number of the week you own. But you can also get in touch with us to get more information.

Which day starts and stops my week?

Your flat is available from Saturday at 4pm to the next Saturday before 10 am.

Can I transfer my week to another person?

You are allowed to transfer your week to the person you want. You only need to inform us so we can organize everything correctly.

What is RCI?

RCI is the exchange central to which the resort is affiliate ; It gives you the possibility, with your holiday week, to enjoy more than 3000 other resorts around the world.

How can I get further information about how RCI works?

You can get further information by visiting this website :

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Frequently asked questions

If I know the number of my week, how can I know the exact days that are assigned to me ?

You can know from which day to which day is your week going through the steps below : 

1. If you don't remember your week number, it is indicated in your contract.

2. Go to

3. Look for your week number in the calendar (column N.º,  indicated by the red rectangle in the example below)

4. Your week starts from saturday of the aforesaid week and ends on the next saturday (look at the green arrows in the exemple below)


For instance, looking at the image : 

- If your week was the 33, it would start on August,15 and would end on August, 22

- If your week was the 35, it would start on August,29 and would end on September, 5

- If your week was the 39, it would start on September, 26 and would end on October, 3

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