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During July, August and September, local parties are celebrated in numerous towns close to Playa Romana Park complex.


For instance, you will be able to enjoy the local festivites of San Juan Bautista and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, from September 10th to 13th in Alcocéber, or Sant Antoni Party in Cap i Corb during August.


You will also be able to see bull events, and much more spanish popular traditions. 

Local Festivals

These Patron Saint's festivals are organized in honour of Saint Juan Bautista and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and in addition to  the religious and cultural events, the bullfighting becomes the central axis of the festival. It is celebrated during the last days of August, in Alcalà de Xivert and during the first days of septembre in Alcossebre.

Patron Saint's




Popular and participatory festival during which the Neighbours Association of Cap i Corb organizes playful activites. It is celebrated at the end of July.

Morella's Festivals

Since the sixties, the month of August has been gathering a lot of festive activities, such as the Youth Week, the Cultural August, The Music Festival and the days dedicated to the elders, and to the Virgin. During august, the bulls of Sant Roc take place. 


Usually the bullfighting is set up the week after the Virgin of August, but this date can vary depending on the extraordinary festivals of the Anunci and the Sexenni.

On Saturday and sunday  the Dance of the Pilgrims takes place, during which children recite texts that can praise the saint,  talk about the elements of the festival, make jokes or criticize the society.


On sunday scaffolds are set up on the pillars of the Plaza in order to enjoy the bullfighting. Since late eighties, the bullfighting lasts 4 days.


Go on this link to get further information on Morella's Festivals :

Sant Mateu's Festivals

The Patron Saint's Festival of Sant Mateu are celebrated from August 18th to 29th.
These days are characterized by a big liveliness in the town
, bullfighting, "Verbenas", concerts, dances, etc. Besides, the people from Sant Mateu, proud of their traditions and their folklore, tak advantage of the party on August 20th to  show their traditional dance, the Ball Pla.

The Patron Saint, San Mateo Apóstol, has his big day on September 21st, which finalizes with a solemn procession in his honour.

The principal event of the Easter Week is the procession of the Vergues of the Holy Thursday even though there are also important processions on the Holy Friday and the Encuentro on the Sunday of Resurrection. From the Holy Friday to Easter Sunday the Fair of Comerç, Arts i Oficis of the Maestrat takes place.

The second sunday after Easter of Resurecction, the day of the Patron Saint's of Sant Mateu, la Mare de Déu dels Ángels, with the traditonnal pilgrimage. 


The pictures of the festivals don't belong to Playa Romana Club and come from external sources.

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