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Sports and Adventure

Alcocéber has numerous routes to enjoy Hiking, and most of them are easy of access and
has low difficulty.


You can see the routes by

clicking on any of them,

and it will lead you to

the website of the

Tourist Board

of Alcocéber.




Sailing Club of Alcossebre


The Sailing Club offers during

July and August first sailing

classes for beginners, and

classes of light sailing of

a longer lenght, for those

who wish to get initiated

or improve their skills. 

Water sports

In the Sports Port of Las Fuentes you will be able

to do different activites

and water sports.


Diving Center of Alcossebre


From the diving center you will have the possibilty to visit

the Columbretes Islands,

to dive or snorkel, and

to travel by boat around

the Sea Reserve of the

Natural Parc of Sierra de Irta.

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