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You can observe the surprising transformation of the works carried out in the past ages

in the mountains - the

terraced slopes from

Moorish times that are

still existing today, and

humble yet unique

constructions still

existing in various

sites : such as the

so-called "Casetes

de Volta" (water reserve),

"les Barraquetes de pastor" (shepperd's huts) or "els forns de calç" (kilns), contrasting with more monumental works

such as the Castle of Xivert.

The Sierra de Irta is a protected Nature Park set in the

municipal area of Alcalá

de Xivert, and overlapping

into other townships.

These mountains

overlooking the

sea have an extensive

cultural heritage to offer,

apart from their natural

charms, with native

vegetables and animal life.





Sierra de Irta

Nearby attractions

Columbretes Islands are a prime destination for

scuba-dive lovers from around the world due

to the transparency

of its waters, the

beauty of its depths

and the large variety and quantity of vegetable and animal species that it hosts.

The Columbretes are a group of four volcanic islands.


The groups of islands are : La Columbreta Grande, La

Ferrera, La Foradada,

and El Carallot.


There are also many pitfalls

and lows in the archipelago.



Columbretes Islands

Today the Templar-Pontifical Castle of Peñíscola, National Historic-Artistic Monument since 1932, is a tourist

and cultural attraction with over 330,000 visitors a year, and also

a renowned Cultural Center that

hosts numerous plastic art

exhibitons, the Comedy

Cinema Festival of

Peñiscola, congresses and

conferences throughout the year.

Peñíscola's Castle

The Castle, which looks towards

a sea of mountains, was one

of the most impressive

fortresses of the Mediterranean.

The passage of numerous

civilizations (Prehistoric,

Iberian, Roman, Muslim

and Christian) has left its

trace in this impressive

construction which has

been occupied continuously

since the 3rd millenary

before Jesus-Christ.

Morella is one of the most beautiful Temples in the Mediterranean. Its towers have been witnesses of the History, as they watched King Jaume I entering the city, and starting La Reconquista (the reconquest).

Morella's Castle

  The patrimonial wealth of this territory is immense, with ten historical Groups, numerous monuments, Ethnologic

areas, archaeological

and palaeontological

deposits, natural spaces

and a great landscape wealth.

The Maestrazgo´s Cultural Park is a wide territory of 43 municipalities where the Patrimony is defined

as an element of

collective identity. 



This fortress stands on the higher point of the rock on which the

old Peñiscola city rests.


The Peñiscola castle shares

along with the Vatican city

and the Palace of the Papes

of Avignon the privilege of

having been a Pontifical Seat;

one of three that have

existed throughout

history. Its construction

lasted from 1294 to 1307.

Its developers, the enigmatic Templars, built it in the own

image and likeness of the

Castles of the Holy Land.


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